Pirate’s Town at the 2016 GMF HAT Event

Pirate’s Town assisted The 2016 GMF HAT Event at the Doubletree Sea World

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Orlando, Fla. (May 24, 2016)—Every year, the HAT Trade show takes place twice, during the summer and the fall seasons. This past Tuesday, May 24th, the spring event was hosted at the Doubletree Hotel. This event takes place in order to honor the service of those companies who dedicate their efforts to the tourism business in Orlando.

Companies such as Universal, Sea World, The Florida Mall, Hard Rock Café, Gator Land, Orlando Magic, Giordano’s, and of course, Pirate’s Town, attended the event in order to share information to the public about their services and what they have to offer.

The event was very picturesque, with all the booths decorated differently and every company displaying games and giveaways for the people to take home. The most common game was the roulette. Most tables used this in order to attract more people to visit their booth. Usually, when you span the wheel, you won a certain prize. In our case however, after you span, you were asked a question about any of our shows and then you won a prize.

Many of our cast members were there as well, entertaining the audience—Giggles, the Smirnovs, Snickers, D’Artagnan, the Queen, and a couple of pirates made the afternoon a fun one. Snickers performed his “Balloon Ballet” act, the Smirnovs their “Quick Change” act and the pirates did a swashbuckling act. Everyone was amazed by the diversity we have to offer, and the audience was definitely captivated while the acts were taking place.

Our product manager, Jackie Candelaria said, “These events are mostly so we can put ourselves out there to the public and remind them that we are here, so they don’t forget about us.” As an attendee of the event, I can guarantee Pirate’s Town definitely made an impression at the event and that people will be remembering our name in the months that follow. Hopefully, when we attend the Fall GMF HAT event, which will be hosted on November 2, we will be able to create the same impact so people will never forget who we are.