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Let’s honor our veterans together on this Memorial Day weekend


Orlando,Fla. (May 27-29)—This weekend is one of the most especial weekends in American History. Memorial Day is approaching (May 30) and it is time for us to honor those who have served our country and given us our freedom; the freedom to speak, to think, to do and to enjoy life.

Although as of today, many people celebrate this holiday by going to the beach or just relaxing at home, it is important for us to remember what Memorial Day is really about. In 1868, Lieutenant John A. Logan instated what was previously known as “Decoration Day,” a day where the families of those who had died in battle could thank their loved ones for their sacrifice. It was in 1971 when this day was renamed as “Memorial Day,” and now, Americans enjoy a Federal Holiday and laborers get a three day weekend.

Come and celebrate this Memorial Day weekend with us. Let’s honor our veterans together. Let’s show them how we are living the life they fought to protect and enjoying the freedom they attained for us!

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